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Haltungsbericht/keeping report of Pachydactylus monicae online (2:18 AM, 04/08/2015)

Haltungsbericht/keeping report of Pachydactylus rugosus online (7:20 PM, 03/22/2015)

Neue Art/New species Pachydactylus maraisi beschrieben/described (11:57 AM, 12/04/2011)

Neue Art/New species Pachydactylus etultra beschrieben/described (4:22 PM, 06/30/2011)

Neue/New Pachydactylus-Art/Species P. boehmei online (4:43 PM, 11/25/2010)

Welcome to our homepage!

Every gecko hobbyist knows the thick-toed geckos of the genus Pachydactylus, but most of you probably only know Pachydactylus bibronii, which is importet from East-Afrika and available frequently in the pet sale. Neither is this species a Pachydactylus, nor is it the species bibronii. These East-African geckos are called Chondrodactylus turneri. You’ll be able to find the explanation on our website.

The whole genus consists of 58 (!) species, which certainly the most hobbyists don’t know at all, or only know several species which are occasionally offered at shows (e.g. Pachydactylus fasciatus and P. tigrinus). That’s what we want to change.

The genus includes so many highly interesting species, which show amazing behaviour, an ability to generate sounds and amazing colours and patterns in the juveniles, which differentiate them from the adults.

These are the geckos we want to present you on the following pages, whereas we’ll focus on the species that are kept and bred by us and are available on the German market.

Our homepage will be updated and extended regularely, so ensure you stop by to pick up the latest information.  

Have fun!

Mirko Barts & Christian Schneider


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank below people, who were kind enough to provide us with photos.


Aaron Bauer (USA)

Donald Broadley (Zimbabwe)

Francis Girard (France)

Frank Müller (Germany) 

Jonathan Boone (USA)

Frank Colacicco (USA)

Wulf D. Haacke (RSA)

J.P. Coates Palgrave 

Bill Branch (RSA)

Tony Gamble (USA)  

Johan Marais (RSA)

Ross Sadlier (Australia)

Torben Hooman (Austria)

B. Rhyce (USA)

Tyrone Ping (RSA)

Karsten Grießhammer (Germany)
Paul Freed (USA) Luke Verburgt (RSA)
Westly Price (RSA)